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J.C. Lewis Has Acquired Fairway Lincoln Mazda

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J.C. Lewis Motor Company, parent company of J.C. Lewis Ford has recently announced a return to the Mazda and Lincoln business in Savannah, GA. J.C. Lewis Mazda and J.C. Lewis Lincoln are not altogether new names for those Savannah historians. Several may recognize the fact that J.C. Lewis Motor Company was in the Mazda business in the late 1970s through the 1980s and J.C. Lewis was also in the Lincoln business in the 1960s and 1970s through 1980. J.C Lewis is proud to be the oldest continually owned and operated auto dealership in the state of Georgia. Four generations of family members have worked in the business that J.C. Lewis Sr. began back in 1912. 

Somewhere in the old Ford archives there is a list that shows the oldest original Ford dealerships, and it is believed the J.C. Lewis Ford may be as high as #13 on that list. If we ever find that list, we’ll be sure to post it here. When you see “Since 1912” in the J.C. Lewis logo it means something. We are proud to have served multiple generations of Savannahians. J.C. Lewis has been honored to serve multiple generations of coastal empire and low country families, in one example there are at least 5 generations that have purchased automobiles from J.C. Lewis. 

As a result, when J.C. Lewis says it proudly welcomes all of their customers into the ‘extended family’, they mean it. J.C. Lewis prides itself on doing right by their customer, and in a tough business like the automobile business, where parts break and service challenges are part of the everyday life of a car man that can be easier said than done. However, that will never stop us from trying to do right by our customers, hoping to instill faith and trust of our customers in our team. J.C. Lewis is honored to continue to cultivate deep roots in the Savannah and the surrounding communities.  With a focus on the customer and transparency, we hope to be here for the next 108 years with a focus on serving the communities that continue to give us an opportunity to earn their business.