Ford vs Toyota: Reliability

May 21, 2018 - 2 minute read

a white truck pulling a trailer down a road next to a tree covered mountain side with a forest in the background

Ford has many rivals. One of its biggest may be Toyota. The two brands make a wide variety of vehicles and have big followings among American consumers. If you are considering a new vehicle, what does Ford have that makes it better than Toyota? Let’s take a look at reliability and related issues to see how Ford comes out on top.

Overall Quality

Reliability starts with quality. That’s why it is important to note that Ford has pulled ahead, according to J.D. Power Initial Quality studies. In 2017, Ford’s was rated second among non-luxury brands with the fourth highest score, knocking BMW and other luxury makers down a peg or two. It outshined Toyota, which was ranked 14th.

Initial quality affects long term values, and that’s good news for those who invest in a Ford. That initial quality is sure to mean more since high quality materials can stand up better to wear and tear.

Critic Reviews

Critical response is another way to measure brand reliability. 2018 Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America was awarded to the Ford Taurus and Ford F150 pickup. Kelley Blue Book Best Buy award for pickups went to the Ford F150 for the fourth year in a row. The new Expedition also earned the Best Buy Award for its three-row segment. Ford continues to earn Best Truck Brand from U.S. News and World Report.


The Ford brand insists on standing up to Toyota in other ways as well. Ford developed EcoBoost engines, a great way to have the performance you want and the efficiency you need. Ford originated the majority-aluminum truck body, and it has now expanded that to include its heavy duty trucks and the three-row Expedition as well.

Before anyone else, it had active parking technology, and now it is leading the way toward automation. Only Ford has expanded blind spot technology to include a tandem trailer behind a pickup truck.

With the broad array of Ford models, consumers can have the durability and reliability they want when they get behind the wheel of a new Ford. Find yours at J.C. Lewis Ford Hinesville.

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